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United States

What do your services cost?

Our basic price is $199 for the first session. We have additional plans available which are listed in our pricing menu. We also have additional services which you can consider as well.

Is a virtual appointment as good as an in-person one?

Yes. We have processes and technologies available for you that will give you virtually an identical experience as if we were seeing you in person.

Do you have a physical location or are all appointments virtual?

We do have physical locations, but due to COVID-19, we accept in-person appointments only after a virtual consultation. Additionally, available locations for appointments depend on local and State laws concerning closure of facilities due to the pandemic.

If I make an appointment can I cancel or move it?

Due to the heavy volume of appointments we have, there are no cancellations for any reason. However, if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we will make every attempt to move your appointment at no cost to you.

Can Iridology diagnose if I have a physical or mental disease?

No. Iridologists do not diagnose but we can see challenges before they happen and help prevent them. Iridology is used as an effective system of assessment of conditions and levels of health.

Can Iridology tell them how strong my constitution is?

Yes. But just because you have a strong constitution does not equate to current health status or vice-versa.

What can Iris tell us about a person’s body?

The iris has 28,000 nerve endings and the eyeball is the largest neural receptor in the body. They are connected directly to the brain; so, if there is something unusual in the iris, it correlates to something unusual in the brain. The eyes truly are the windows to your soul and your physical health.

Why would a Medical Doctor refer a client to an iridologist?

Because the Doctor is looking for help to determine what the root of a problem might be.

Are your services guaranteed to produce results?

We guarantee if you follow the guidelines that our analysis offers you, you will not be disappointed in our services. Because we are not medical doctors, we cannot guarantee our services to cure. However, many people are using Holistic alternatives. as an alternative to medical doctors.