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Can you predict a potential issue by analyzing my eyes?

By doing analysis, we can see what you are predisposed to and possibly prevent issues from occurring.

Does the color of my eyes affect the reading?

No. The color of your eyes does not affect your ability to do an analysis. However, the process can be different depending on the color of your eyes.

How exactly can an analysis of my eye help me?

It can help you get to the root cause of the issues you have been. By looking at your genetic predispositions and your emotional tendencies, will give us clues and insights into the cause of many common complaints.

Is it important that your Iridologist be certified?

Yes. There are a lot of Iridologists that have only had introductions to the concepts of Iridology and are not certified. A Certified Iridologist has gone through the proper studies and training and is qualified. Our Iridologists are certified by the International Institute of Iridology. This way you know you have a qualified person performing […]

Are eye readings only for humans?

At this time, we cannot read pets or other animal’s eyes. However, we look to offer this service soon.

If I have only one eye or a form of eye disease, does that make me ineligible for a reading?

You need both eyes for an accurate reading, but if there is a disease affecting one or both eyes, most of the time it’s not a problem.

Will the information in my eyes change over time?

No, genetic markings are always the same. Your eye could be and are used as bio identification markers and are more accurate than a fingerprint.

What kind of information can you get from a photo of the eyes?

We can read about your genetic strengths and weaknesses, predispositions, emotional tendencies, conditions, and accumulations.