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IT: One last question, when looking at yourself and your business, what about you is imprinted on the services you offer that makes you special?

JH: I am a dedicated person that puts 100% into everything I do. The client comes first, and I want to deliver a service that the client gets true value for. I am an empathetic person. I truly listen to my clients and deliver the information to them that they are looking for. I have […]

IT: What type of information is most helpful?

JH: I like to have a full picture of the client. What works best for me is having a copy of my clients’ DNA test results, which I can send to our lab and receive a report. I also like to have a recent copy of my clients; blood works as well as a gut […]

IT: When you speak of nutritional programs, I have heard from some of your clients that they have lost weight while following your guidelines. Can you explain this?

JH: So Basically, the body is a very smart machine and when we get rid of imbalances and inflammation, it does what it needs to do. But caution, not everyone is the same and I must have all the information that I need to best recommend a nutritional program.

IT: Do you use any technologies besides reading the eyes?

JH: Yes, I look at genetic reports of my clients as well as any blood results they might have. Taking the information with my analysis of the irides, I can put together a complete personalized lifestyle and nutritional program to achieve the best results possible.

IT: Jessica, I appreciate your time today. In the few minutes, we have told me why should I allow you to read my eyes versus someone else?

JH: Because I look at your eyes and look at you as a whole. I look at your emotional and physical predispositions to put the pieces of the puzzle together.