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7 most useful OBD1 OBD2 Scan T ls for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury 2021 [Worth a try]

Today, my goal is to expose Ford that is powerful scan for those who are driving Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles and light trucks. (I’ve never shared it before!)

In reality, you frequently give consideration to Ford-specific scanners that generally perform much better than the universal people, given that they are built designed for a specific car brand. For that reason, they’re tailored to the office nearly flawlessly when running diagnostics on those automobiles.

Therefore, yourself working on the brands, my advice is “Get a scan t l that specific made for it” if you are an owner of a Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury or frequently find.

Best OBD1 OBD2 Scanners for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury Comparison

*Price updated on May 9th, 2021. It is sometimes different from the purchase price you see in reality.

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Why Do a Scan is needed by you T l for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury?

Whether you’re a professional auto mechanic or an everyday Joe, a Ford OBD2 scanner is a helpful t l to own in your garage. The advantage of all scan t ls is which they permit you to diagnose problems with your automobile. They could explain to you information from the data monitors in your car or truck along with reading trouble codes. Allowing you obtain together with potential issues before they get serious. As s n as you can diagnose problems in your automobile, making repairs in the home is easier. Many scan t ls also consist of repair functions like DPF regeneration or ABS bleeding that you would otherwise need done at a mechanic. Even though you’re perhaps not an experienced mechanic, some issues that trigger the check motor light are minor. It may be something as small as a gas that is l se, in some cases. That’s one thing anybody can fix at home easily. Without a t l that is scan there’s no way to understand the need for the matter triggering your check engine light.

A Ford OBD2 scanner has extra benefits for Ford owners compatibility that is regarding diagnostic functions, etc.

A Ford OBD2 scanner has benefits that are additional Ford owners. They are designed to use your manufacturer, which means that compatibility is less likely to want to be considered a concern. The OBD2 protocol is standardised across automobiles produced in 1996 and later. Its not all operational system in your car is included in these diagnostics, though. It’s mainly centered on emission-related information. However, it will likewise trigger serious motor issues, to read trouble codes from systems just like the transmission or airbags. Unlike the OBD2 protocol, diagnostic information of these other systems is not standardized across manufacturers. This implies not every device that provides diagnosis that is non-OBD2 work for every automobile. It’s designed to read the systems of your car when you get a Ford scanner. This can allow you to diagnose and fix issues in Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars and vehicles better than generic t ls that are scan.

5 actions for the most readily useful scanner for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury

Step One Which Are The Top Brands?

Buying a scan t l from a trusted brand is the easiest way to know you’ll get a reliable, accurate reading. Products created by top-tier brands will also be supported by better customer care and help. Among the list of brands that are top Ford diagnostic t ls are


OBDLink focus on OBD2 Bluet th scanners and USB adapter. Scan t ls of OBDLink are famous of reliability and durability. They do well all what they are designed to do and recognized to do. The two best products of OBDLink for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury are OBDLink MX+ and OBDLink LX. My suggestion is OBDLink MX+ Bluet th OBD2 scanner for iOS, Android os, and Windows.


The affordable cost of OHP diagnostic adapters is the very first thing you’ll notice. OHP adapters are made to work with popular software like FORScan (made especially for Ford automobiles). Allowing you can get in-depth, professional-level diagnostics at DIY-er rates. My recommendation may be the OHP FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter (for Windows JUST).


This US-based business is a frontrunner into the aftermarket industry that is automotive. Their testing that is advanced and designs are their primary claim to fame. Innova runs on the system of certified repair technicians to produce their diagnostic database, ensuring a greater precision level for users. INNOVA is strong at both OBD1 and OBD2 scanner. Their most useful pick of OBD1 code audience for Ford could be the INNOVA 3145.


This international manufacturer of OBD2 and DIY repair gear is one of the top names available on the market. Autophix posseses an quality that is exceptional group, producing durable and dependable t ls at all prices. Their help for customers can be well-regarded. Autophix features a relative line of services and products for famous car brands such as Ford, BMW, Audi/VW, etc. Autophix 7710 is considered the most wanted OBD2 scanner for Ford in 2020 and 2021.

Step 2 What Kind Of Scan T l Would Work For You Personally?

You will find OBD1 rule visitors for those created before 1996 Dating Over 60 sites and OBD2 scanner for the newer by year. Can you remember the of your car year? By functionality, Ford scanning t ls is split into three teams (1) fundamental code visitors, (2) enhanced OBD2 scanners, and (3) advanced level professional diagnostic t ls. The benefits you will get from the devices are different because of price gaps. a code that is basic like INNOVA 3145 can just read codes regarding the engine system, while an enhanced OBD2 scanner such as for instance the OHP FORScan USB adapter can diagnose non-OBD2 systems like ABS, airbag, and transmission next to the engine system. Professional automotive t ls that are diagnostic more functions and services and often for experienced DIY people or mechanics. The greater you pay, the more you obtain.

Step 3 Compatibility/Vehicle Coverage

An scanner that is automotive Ford is built to assist vehicles through the manufacturer. That said, its not all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury makes use of the processes that are same. While all Ford scanning t ls will give you diagnostics that are basic all automobiles, more advanced features might not be widely supported. The very first unit is between OBD1 and OBD2. Before 1996, vehicles used the OBD1 diagnostic system. This simple system uses a style that is different of. Some OBD2 scanners will read OBD1 information, but you’ll need an adapter to get in touch it to an older automobile. Even in the era that is OBD2 there may be differences in just how engine computers deliver diagnostic information. As an example, there was a big change by which protocol some Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars use made in 2018. For example, t ls like the Autophix 7710 can help all cars from 1996-2017, but that’s not the case for all automobiles manufactured in 2018. Nonetheless, The 2018 Ford Fiesta is just a notable make supported by this t l that is diagnostic.



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