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Taking a Picture of your Iris

While there are several methods described on the internet how to take a picture of your Iris, the method below is what we recommend as the simplest and most cost-effective ways. However, as long as we are able to read your photo and clearly see the fibers of your iris, the method you choose is up to you.

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1. You will need someone to assist you in this process.
2. Start in either a dark room or use a blanket or towel to hood your head.
3. Prop your head in your hands. We suggest you use a flat surface such as a table or a desk to support your arms.
4. Have the person assisting you use largest zoom setting on your cellphone.
5. You will need a small penlight or flashlight.
6. Have the person that is helping you position the light about six inches from the edge of your first eye (try to take the left eye first).
7. Make sure your eye is open the entire way. You may need to use your hand to hold the lids open.
8. Have the person who is helping you check to make sure the camera is in focus. Some cellphone cameras such as an iPhone, use an autofocus.
9. Once the eye is in focus have your assistant take a few photos.
10. Repeat this process from several different angles.
11. Upon completion, start again and do the other eye (the right eye should go second).
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