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What Makes us Different From the Rest:

Myeyeread practices iridology from a holistic standpoint. We do not look at one particular tendency but rather look at the system as a whole. This allows us to connect the dots and create a total picture of the bodies operating system rather than focus on any individual point. With this type of approach to the work we do, we can help you with both your mind and body. We create both a physical as well as spiritual understanding and awakening which, brings you in touch with your total being and helps you to correct and prevent imbalances.

IT: Jessica, I appreciate your time today. In the few minutes, we have told me why should I allow you to read my eyes versus someone else?

IT: Do you use any technologies besides reading the eyes?

JH: Yes, I look at genetic reports of my clients as well as any blood results they might have. Taking the information with my analysis of the irides, I can put together a complete personalized lifestyle and nutritional program to achieve the best results possible.

IT: When you speak of nutritional programs, I have heard from some of your clients that they have lost weight while following your guidelines. Can you explain this?

JH: So Basically, the body is a very smart machine and when we get rid of imbalances and inflammation, it does what it needs to do. But caution, not everyone is the same and I must have all the information that I need to best recommend a nutritional program.

IT: What type of information is most helpful?

JH: I like to have a full picture of the client. What works best for me is having a copy of my clients’ DNA test results, which I can send to our lab and receive a report. I also like to have a recent copy of my clients; blood works as well as a gut microbiome analysis (which I can order for my clients). I use these reports along with my analysis of a clients’ eyes, to create a personalized protocol to help the client to achieve the best results.

IT: One last question, when looking at yourself and your business, what about you is imprinted on the services you offer that makes you special?

JH: I am a dedicated person that puts 100% into everything I do. The client comes first, and I want to deliver a service that the client gets true value for. I am an empathetic person. I truly listen to my clients and deliver the information to them that they are looking for. I have been through my own horror stories with both Holistic Providers and Allopathic Doctors. I want a client to feel they have learned something from what I provide. I listen to what they say and do my best to answer their concerns. What I and my ...

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