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Iridology for Dogs and Cats College Station, TX by My Eye Read

For those who don’t know, Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. Currently, Iridology is the fastest-growing holistic approach to health in humans in the United States. Now the nation’s number one Iridologist, MyEyeread, is offering iridology services for Dogs and Cats. Iridology Report for Dogs and Cats, the holistic way to keep your pets healthier!

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Iridology For Dogs and Cats in College Station, Texas

Iridology is a holistic healing alternative method that is based on the concept that a dog or cat's eyes show what's going on inside their bodies. By looking at the eye's iris, an iridologist in College Station, or anywhere for that matter, who specializes in cats and dogs, can assess the health of your best friend, and make recommendations for dietary changes and preventative herbal treatments. If you’re looking for an iridology company in College Station that can do iridology for pets, then MyEyeRead is the iridologist for your four-legged friends!

According to iridology, the color and structure of an animal's iris are a good way to determine if your furry friend is healthy or not. It can also reveal inherited strengths or weaknesses.

In animal iridology for dogs and cats, the iris is studied for unique pigmentations and other physiological imbalances that could cause illness. Using iridology, a practitioner can detect these conditions before symptoms occur and help prevent them or help treat the ones that have already been triggered.

Our IPPA Certified and highly experienced iridologist in College Station Texas and worldwide can also look for areas of the body that are suffering from inflammation or pain. This is a way to determine if your pet’s immune system is weak. The iridologist also uses the weave of the iris’ fibers to determine health. Once the iridology assessment has been completed, we can help you by coming up with a holistic approach to your dog or cat’s health and longevity

Pet iridology practitioners have developed charts that are based on the eyes of dogs and cats. These charts divide the iris into five regions, which correspond to different organs and body parts.

In addition to revealing the strength of the dog or cats muscles and bones, iridology for dogs can detect other ailments, such as skin irritation, signs of lymph problems, liver or gallbladder problems, and the many other things our four-legged best friends can’t tell us is wrong or we may not see that can go wrong.

In addition to revealing the strength of the dog or cats muscles and bones, iridology for dogs can detect other ailments, such as skin irritation, signs of lymph problems, liver or gallbladder problems, and the many other things our four-legged best friends can’t tell us is wrong or we may not see that can go wrong.

In addition to revealing the strength of the dog or cats muscles and bones, iridology for dogs can detect other ailments, such as skin irritation, signs of lymph problems, liver or gallbladder problems, and the many other things our four-legged best friends can’t tell us is wrong or we may not see that can go wrong.

This service is a must for anyone that has a four-legged best friend!

A Little More on Iridology

Your dog's or cat’s iris is complex and contains large amounts of fibers and genetic markings that are connected to every nerve, muscle, and organ throughout the body by way of the brain and spinal cord, no two irises are the same. Through its unique characteristics, you can see how each of your pets’ systems is affecting and maybe affecting one another. No two irises are the same and each pet’s iridology readings, results, and suggestions on the holistic approach to taking to prevent triggering illness and fight ones that have already triggered will be different too.

For your dog's or cat's life, the pigments and genetic markings can change and you may see, discolorations, mucus, lines, and more. With the study of iridology of the iris, iridologists can tell you about your dog’s tissues, systemic health, and toxic load as well as their hereditary predispositions, strengths, and weaknesses.

An iridology reading is a great way to help discover imbalances, deficiencies, and other medical conditions before they start to occur, ultimately giving you the information, you need to adjust your dog or cat's diet, supplementation, and routine before anything chronic or surfaces. Further iridology assessments months after these discoveries and changes is a great way to see positive changes that may have taken place as a result of these discoveries.

The iridology assessment

Once the photos of your four-legged friends' eyes are taken and we receive them, we will analyze them and generate a detailed report. Our Certified IPPA iridologist will identify any abnormalities, distinctive markings, and other things they can see in your cat's or dog's eyes through the iris. Myeyeread practices pet iridology from a holistic standpoint. We do not look at one particular tendency but rather look at your dog's or cat's system as a whole.

This allows us to connect the dots and create a total picture of the bodies operating system rather than focus on any individual point. With this type of approach to the work we do, we can help you with both your pet’s mind and body.

MyEyeRead has over 20 years of experience we love what we do! We take a holistic approach which is a noninvasive, diagnostic technique that can reveal a variety of symptoms and health problems. Pet Iridology is useful as a preventive health tool and can offer valuable insights into chronic diseases and predispositions your pets may have or can have. You can learn more about the benefits of iris analysis by booking an appointment or giving us a call!

In Aventura, when you are talking professional Iridologists, you are saying Myeyeread. We have helped thousands of people with their health issues and helped make them to become best versions of their selves.
From people having hard times losing weight to people having issues walking, In Aventura Myeyeread has helped. From people with predispositions for Liver and Kidney issues to people who are dealing with stress and Anxiety, Myeyeread is the Holistic Iridology solution in Aventura.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information can you get from a photo of the eyes when you use MY Eye Read iridology?

Will the information in my eyes change over time?

No, genetic markings are always the same. Your eye could be and are used as bio identification markers and are more accurate than a fingerprint.

If I have only one eye or a form of eye disease, does that make me ineligible for a reading?

You need both eyes for an accurate reading, but if there is a disease affecting one or both eyes, most of the time it’s not a problem.

Are eye readings only for humans, can we use the methods of iridology on my pets?

At this time, we cannot read pets or other animal’s eyes. However, we look to offer this service soon.

Is it important that your Iridologist be certified?

Yes. There are a lot of Iridologists that have only had introductions to the concepts of Iridology and are not certified. A Certified Iridologist has gone through the proper studies ...

How exactly can an analysis of my eye help me and why should I do iridology?

It can help you get to the root cause of the issues you have been. By looking at your genetic predispositions and your emotional tendencies, will give us clues and ...

Does the color of my eyes affect the reading?

No. The color of your eyes does not affect your ability to do an analysis. However, the process can be different depending on the color of your eyes.

Can you help me to change the color of my eyes?

No. Iridology is not a cosmetic practice.

Does my race have any bearing on the type or quality of the information you provide?

No, iridology and the results of a consultation is not going to change based on race.

Can you predict a potential issue by analyzing my eyes?

By doing analysis, our iridologists can see what you are predisposed to and possibly prevent issues from occurring. We take a holistic approach, though vitamins and a better diet that ...

Can you see parasites by looking at my eyes?

No. Parasites are not genetic.

Are your services guaranteed to produce results?

We guarantee if you follow the guidelines that our analysis from the iridologist offers you, you will not be disappointed in our services. Because we are not medical doctors, we ...

Why would a Medical Doctor refer a client to an iridologist?

Because the Doctor is looking for help to determine what the root of a problem might be and sometimes a holistic approach is all that’s needed to see different results.

What can the Iris tell us about a person’s body?

The iris has 28,000 nerve endings and the eyeball is the largest neural receptor in the body. They are connected directly to the brain; so, if there is something unusual ...

Can Iridology tell them how strong my constitution is?

Yes. But just because you have a strong constitution does not equate to current health status or vice-versa.

Can Iridology diagnose if I have a physical or mental disease?

No. Iridologists do not diagnose but we can see challenges before they happen and help prevent them. Iridology is used as an effective system of assessment of conditions and levels ...

If I make an appointment can I cancel or move it?

Due to the heavy volume of appointments we have, there are no cancellations for any reason. However, if you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we will ...

Do you have a physical location or are all appointments virtual?

We do have physical locations and you can do an iridology consultation in person, but due to COVID-19, we accept in-person appointments only after a virtual consultation. Additionally, available locations ...

Is a virtual appointment for your iridology exam as good as an in-person one?

Yes. We have processes and technologies available for you that will give you virtually an identical experience as if we were seeing you in person.

What do your services cost?

Our basic price is $219 for the first session. We have additional plans available which are listed in our pricing menu. We also have additional services which you can consider ...

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