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Boynton Beach Iridology by My Eye Read

An Iridology is the science of the study of the iris of the eye. It is used as an assessment tool. The iris reveals the genetic predispositions of the entire body.

Your eyes are your blueprint; no two irises are exactly alike – just like fingerprints. We can discover your inherited strengths and weaknesses by looking at the fiber structure, color, markings, and pigmentations. These predispositions allow us to recognize acquired conditions, determine root causes and potentially correct them.

Trained iridologists in Boynton Beach, Florida, all of the united states, can also look for and analyze personality traits and emotional tendencies. Behind every physical issue is a thought and emotion that can potentially affect the body and mind.

The eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerve and act like monitors that can be read to see how your “programs” and “operating systems” function.

Our job as iridologists is to read the data displayed on the iris monitor and determine what is seems to be functioning correctly and what potentially could be malfunctioning.Additionally, we look for systems that could be in jeopardy of breakdown. Once we have this information, we can help you to repair and prevent health and emotional issues.Iridology has helped hundreds of thousands of people that have had less than stellar results with traditional medicine. When looking for an iridologist in Boynton Beach, Florida, you’ll always find My Eye Read because My Eye Read is the Number one iridology website in the world!
Austin, Florida Eye Read and My Eye Read all over the world practice iridology from a holistic standpoint. We do not look at one tendency but rather look at the system as a whole. This allows us to connect the dots and create a total picture of the body’s operating system rather than focus on any individual point. With this type of approach to our work, we can help you with both your mind and body. We create both a physical and spiritual understanding and awakening, which brings you in touch with your total being and helps you correct and prevent imbalances.

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